After 3 ½ years in business we have decided to close the doors of Cafe Du Luxe in Unicorn Lake. As some of you may know we chose Unicorn Lake over other areas in North Texas including Razor Ranch, because of the vision and passion that the land developers had for this development. It was to become a lifestyle destination location which would create a vibrant business and residential community for Denton. Denton's economic development leaders positioned Unicorn Lake as a wonderful place for businesses to start and thrive. Unfortunately, the lifestyle center concept, which was a large part of our business plan, never came to fruition. This coupled with the great recession has left Cafe Du Luxe without the customer base and traffic needed to succeed.

As a result we have made the painful decision to no longer pour emotional and financial resources into this location. This has been a difficult and amazing journey for us and we are truly saddened to be saying goodbye to our loyal and supportive customers.

The last day that Cafe Du Luxe was open for business was Wednesday November 21st. We closed at 2:00 p.m. that day in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday.

We do not have a timeline or plan currently to open another location but we will share with you, our loyal customers, if and when we have additional details. We are not saying goodbye to Cafe Du Luxe. We are simply saying goodbye to Unicorn Lake.

Until we meet again over a latte or glass of wine, please remember to enjoy the richness of your everyday life.

David Carles and Jana Etheridge